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Disposal & Recycling

Used oil - much more than just waste!

Our motto to “offer everything as a one-stop service” includes not only high quality lubricants, but also the environmentally sound recycling of raw materials into the production cycle. This is a fundamental to a sustainable economy in times of dwindling resources and supplement our environmentally conscious services.

Another advantage for you is to only have one point of contact, saving you administrative effort.

By the way, you can make use of our environmentally sound recycling services even if you are not buying new lubricants at us.

At our location, we accept all used oil for free. The oil is then professionally processed and recycled within the lubricants industries.

At 200 litres upwards, we will pick up your used oil for free within the Federal Republic of Germany and provide you the legally required documents and certificates of disposal for your records.

Please fill out the following form (or use phone / fax / email) to contact us for the purpose of your lubricant disposal.


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