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On the site the AVANTGARDE GmbH distributes lubricant products from Q8Oils.
The AVANTGARDE GmbH is still quite a young and dynamic corporation with the goal to provide its customers with highest-quality fuels and lubricants. Our high standard to market only the best quality was the reason to choose Q8Oils and to distribute it exclusively as a brand partner of The Kuwait Petroleum International Corporation.
It is our aim, to not only offer our customers any product, but one which even exceeds the desired requirements and be able to do this at reasonable conditions.
We are your reliable partner and will not leave you alone. We support and consult you anytime with any issues or questions.
We know that you do not want and should not invest unnecessary funds into possibly still good and usable lubricants. After all, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and do not want to disregard the finiteness of the raw materials. It is precisely for this reasons we offer to check the quality of your operational lubricants at a laboratory for free. This way you will always know the state of your lubricant, and how long you can still use it. You will save money by preventing to change your lubricants too early and help to protect the environment.
We would appreciate to welcome you as another satisfied customer and offer you to get in contact with us. Then, we would like to provide you a detailed consultation and a tailored, non-binding offer. Do not hesitate to get in contact with us and maybe welcome us as a new, good and reliable partner.


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